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The Ovilus X in its present form holds 2, words in its data base. These words may be changed by the user, by creating new words and uploading them using. The Ovilus X is sold as an entertainment device only. We make no claim to the validity of the data received by this device. As the owner of this device you are. As seen on Ghost Adventures, the P-SB7 Spirit Box is the hot new device on the market of the paranormal community. Designed by Gary Galka of DAS, It's an. The revolutionary Ghost Box Ovilus III converts environmental readings into real words. Now you can get real words and phonetic responses to your questions. The Ovilus X is sold as an entertainment device only. We make no claim to the validity of the data received by these devices. As the owner of this. As Seen On Ghost Adventures! The Ovilus X is an experimental ITC device. It is a speech-synthesis device that talks! It says words depending on environmental. If anyone is interested in our ovilus X it is on eBay now. Truth be told, we were never impressed with the device but some people like it. The Ovilus X is a Talking ITC device designed for experimental use. It is based on the PX and Ovilus. 1. Recessed Power switch to prevent accidental power on. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ovilus III Ovilus 3 at Amazon​.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Ovilus then "speaks" that word allows the dead spirit to speak the words. The Ovilus is used by paranormal research groups to test areas for.
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By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Mode 1: Dictionary Mode — Words are created out of the on board database. It works by using sensing equipment which ovilus temperature and electromagnetic fields. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Then played in reverse read article.

Customer Reviews

Good from you Chris to publish click here experience and ideas ovilus this instrument. It is of course very attractive for persons who will have proves of the paranormal, or for those who have proves by their own experiences but who will show it to others.

It is indeed sometimes frustrating to experience something and not be able to show it to others, allthough it can be told but their are so less who believe it by just telling what you saw or felt. I ovilus in near future I will accept.

polar cs600x battery consider little infrared camera. It is ovilus to have something 'real' that can be showed besides that what can be seen but is personal. Two days ago I saw something on a photo I took I was astonished, so ovikus to ovious and ovilus strange Did'nt had time to search out how it all is working here at blogger.

Anyway I will not buy that Ovilus X, as you said we have all the posibilities inside ourselfs to register whatever there is.

We oviluz the ovilus instrument but we cannot use it! Thanks for saving me money, for sure. I've been a medium my whole life without concrete d to share what I see and hear.

I'm so glad you shared and let me know I'm not in doubt of these "devices," as an Irish pagan high priestess, I'm also against divining rods, due to human error Thanks again. Blessed be. Labels: ovilus spirit ghost paranormal research technology. Anonymous 12 September at Unknown voilus November at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.