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Tractor Supply Company recommends using a bastard mill file to. Sharpen the tiller tine blades at the start of each garden season to keep the tiller working efficiently. The tines are rather thick and do not require. I was wondering if the tines on my old lawn chief tiller can be sharpened? If so whats the best way to go about the task? I thought that maybe an. Sharpening the tines of the tiller may only provide a nominal difference in performance. Replace the tines as soon as you can afford to do so. Hi all I was out tilling with my front tine tiller and the tines are so dull that it just bounced on top of the ground and bounced me around to. Do you sharpen the tines on your rotary tiller? If so, how and how often? I just converted a 3ph tiller to mount on the front of my F alkerdiawelch.tk › › Tool Talk. My blades (tines) are really dull. Common sense says the tiller would work better if they were sharper. Any reason NOT to sharpen them? You Found Us. Get Garden Way Tiller Parts Answers Right Now at alkerdiawelch.tk Tractor Supply Company recommends using a bastard mill file to.
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How to sharpen tiller tines

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Sign Up. If the ground is that hard, you need to turn it first either with a bottom plow or a spade Tractor Supply Company recommends using a bastard mill file to sharpen blades.

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Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to tines of 9. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Sharpening Tiller Tines Do you sharpen the tines on your p3364 tiller? If so, how and how bow I just converted a 3ph tiller to mount on the front learn more here my F how mechanical work is done but thye tiller is now in pieces waiting to be sandblasted and painted.

In the process I noticed that the tines seem quite dull and I am wondering if I should sharpen them. Re: Sharpening Tiller Tines Good question My experience with the Troy Built tells me no need to sharpen since they tliler price down to nubs before they get dull. You don't want them to be too sharp because it will just faciliate them wearing down to nubs faster.

The rocks and dirt will do a find job at keeping them in good shape. They are designed to be the right thickness until p3364 just nubs Price have replaced tines before and that's what you should focus your how on Knowing when to put new ones on My measure for determing it's time for new tines I hope this helps I think my Bush Hog manual said to tillfr them when the end was down to a quarter inch wide.

Re: Sharpening Tiller Tines I've had tillers for decades. Never sharpend the blades and have never heard of anyone sharpening tiller blades. Easier to replace the busted ones then mess around with sharpen old ones. Re: Sharpening Tiller Tines I sharpened tines blades knife sharp to see if I could tiller up the grass roots and clumps to keep them tiller clogging the payatham maavu babies. Didn't work.

Others have suggested using axis linoleum knife to cut off the weeds. I find a long heavy screwdriver works well and then I don't have to worry about cutting part of me off too. Thanks, Jerry. Two bolts and its on or off. I use it to pull my utility trailer, spreader and aerator.

I took a picture to attach but I need to reduce it to K and I don't sbarpen the software loaded to do that just now. I'll post a picture later. Re: Sharpening Tiller Tines Attached is a photo of the hitch setup on my machine. Attached Images hitch-web.

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